Access to Information

Under legislation, the Police Ombudsman is obliged to put in place a police complaints systnme which will win the support of the public and is capable of winning the support of police officers. He is also committed to ensuring, as far as he can, that your view on this Office is based on accurate information and not on rumour, speculation or misinformation. In January 2005, the Freedom of Information Act compelled organisations to make their information available to the public, unless there were reasons which exempted them from doing so.

For all these reasons, the Police Ombudsman’s Office is committed to providing you with as much information as we can about our work. We regularly make a lot of information routinely available. Included below, in our Publications Scheme, is a list of that type of information and how you will find it.

If the information you seek is not already available you may have to ask us for it. Your right to make that request is underpinned by the Freedom of Information Act. Also included below is a guide to how to make that request.

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