Staff Profiles

The Police Ombudsman, Dr. Michael Maguire

Michael Migure, Police Ombudsman Northern Ireland

Before becoming Police Ombudsman in July 2012, Dr Maguire was from September 2008 the Chief Inspector of the Criminal Justice Inspectorate in Northern Ireland.

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Chief Executive, Mr Adrian McAllister

Adrian McAllister, Chief Executive

Adrian McAllister joined the Police Ombudsman's Office in January 2013 and brought with him experience both in running a major public body and in policing.

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Director of Investigations, Paul Holmes

Mr Paul Holmes, Director of Investigations (Historical)

The Director of Investigations (Historical) is Mr Paul Holmes. Paul is responsible for the management and control of all historical investigations, including both complaints and referrals from the PSNI's Historical Enquiries Team (HET).

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Director of Corporate Services, Olwen Laird

Olwen Laird, Director of Corporate Services

Olwen Laird is the Director of Corporate Services. She is responsible for all administrative matters, including the proper spending of the Police Ombudsman's budget, its personnel matters and its Information Technology systems.


Director of Information, Tim Gracey

Tim Gracey, Information Directorate

Tim Gracey is the Director of Information. This Directorate is responsible for engagement with the public and the police through the provision and exchange of general information about our work. Much of this is done using the media, meetings within the community and responding directly to your questions. If you are aware of any group which would like to hear more about our work or wish to discuss a particular issue, we would be happy to meet you. You can contact us on

Director of Legal Services, Seamus McIlroy

Mr Seamus McIlroy, Director of Legal Services

The Director of Legal Services is Mr Seamus McIlroy. Mr McIlroy is a solicitor with previous experience in general practice, as well as working in the Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunal Service and the Public Legal Services Division of the Department of Justice. He is responsible for dealing with all legal matters affecting the Office, including issues pertaining to legislation, litigation matters and the provision of general legal advice to the Ombudsman and his staff.

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